Jam and Bee BTS

Jam and Bee
Welcome to Jam and Bee Ceramics! We're so thrilled you found us. 
We are a husband and wife team making teeny batches of colorful and happy functional pottery in our home studio in St. Louis, Missouri. We started Jam and Bee in 2016 because we were making too much pottery for ourselves and were running out of friends and family members who remained receptive to receiving handmade ceramics for every. single. celebratory. event. 

The Humans:Jam

Jam loves making small, kawaii ceramics with her small, kawaii hands. She is obsessed with color, snacks, and food-themed cozy mystery novels. She quit her corporate job in the spring of 2019 to pursue the maker life full time and enjoys the challenge of wearing multiple hats and figuring out how to do it all. Her style is minimalist kawaii: cute and simple.  Her preferred modes are: pinching, slab building, and surface painting.


Bee is the sculptor and throwing machine of the team. He likes skulls, complex prints, snacks, and science fiction novels. He's all about big and tall pottery, each inch decked with texture, dimension, or print. His preferred modes: wheel throwing, sprigs, stamps, sculpting. 

The Cats:


Flash, our eldest cat. Don't let his crotchety face fool you. I mean, he is a crotchety cat, but he's got a sweet, playful side to him that is absolutely endearing. 


Choco, our sweet kitty. She's the most affectionate of our cats and loves toting around her plush animals while singing the song of her people. 

Pandae, short for Master Pandaemonium which sums up his personality. He's a hot mess and loves to run around and eat all the snacks.